Advanced Handgun Class

This is an advance level course that provides the student with dynamic training with their weapon systems. This is a one day (8 hours) hands on course that will cover drawing from concealment, reducing malfunctions, basic marksmanship refresher, communicate, shooting on the move (horizontal/oblique movement techniques, scanning, failure drills, malfunction drills, strong hand only shooting and manipulation, weak hand only shooting and manipulation, tactical/combat reloading , use of cover, long range target engagements, close quarters combat shooting, backup - transitioning drills, multiple target engagement, on-ground firing techniques and defense tactics training.

This class is limited to 16 students.

Only current concealed weapons permit holders (any state) or South Carolina State Constables are eligible for this course. Credentials must be presented at the beginning of the class.

Note - State Constables: This class may count as additional training hours; however, it cannot be used as your yearly required update as prescribed by SLED.


    Concealed Weapons Permit Holder - Any state is acceptable; however, the permit must be valid and unexpired.
    Functioning Handgun (any caliber)
    A center fire handgun, 300-350 rounds of ammunition primary weapon, 50-100 rounds of ammunition backup weapon
    Wrap-around eye protection
    Ear protection
    Concealment garment (over shirt)
    3 spare magazines (the more the better!)
    Magazine pouch
    Holster for Primary and Backup
    Water or snacks for the range. There is no drinkable water or vending machines at the range
    Cost: $200 fee payable to CWP Sumter, LLC

When registering for the course, you will be required to pay a $50 fee to secure your slot. This fee will be deducted from your instructional fees on the day of your class. The fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. I know that life is dynamic; therefore, you may reschedule one time for the next available class when you provide CWP Sumter, LLC with a minimum of a 24 hour notice via email (

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